Postdoctoral Researcher 

in Distributed Systems Programming

Dept. Informatik

TU Darmstadt, Germany 

My current research interests focus on designing specification and programming languages for guarding endpoint applications in open networks, which change dynamically and rapidly. The main research activities are:

Robust Failure Handling in Distributed Communication

In collaboration with Mr. Viering, Dr. Bejleri, Prof. Ziarek, and Prof. Eugster, I established a formal framework for programming distributed applications capable of handling partial failures, motivated by the non-trivial interplay between failure handling and messaging in asynchronous distributed environments. A type system is built to statically ensure that asynchronous failure handling among multiple applications is free of orphan messages, deadlocks, and starvation. This work was published in the international conference FORTE 2016. I am currently working on handling process crashes. We are modeling multi-party communication in both distributed systems and fault models using session-based calculus (a variant of the π-calculus with session primitives). 

Session-Based Compositional Analysis for Actor-Based Languages Using Futures

In collaboration with Mr. Kamburjan and Dr. Din, we proposed a simple yet concise framework to statically verify communication correctness in an actor-style concurrency model using futures. We chose core ABS, a small and expressive actor-based language designed to model distributed and concurrent systems with asynchronous communication, to add session primitives on top. We established a hybrid analysis, which statically type checks local objects’ behaviors while simultaneously ensuring that local schedulers obey policies for applications, which are formally specified by session types. The scheduling policy is statically validated against the session automata derived from the session types. This work was published in the international conference ICFEM 2016.

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